Sunday, March 28

Five more faves: polka dots and panther prints

Survey shows that 2 out of 5 Polka Dot Bunnies prefer to read their Douglas Coupland Books on non-ironed sheets.

Today I had to decide whether to blog about my Sunday Stash or join in the 5 faves over at Meet me at Mikes again. It chose the latter. For me it's nice to blog about non-crafty stuff too.

1. The Polka Dot Bunny Georgia made for me last year. Isn't he sweet? See, I was a Polka Dot Bunny before I became a White Bunny.
2. Polka Dot Bunny is lovingly holding the book (on some clearly not ironed but very clean sheets) I'm currently reading and which I  enjoy very much. I only read three of Coupland's books but I liked them all. I first read 'Girlfriend in a Coma' because it was named after a 
3. song by the Smiths.  Not their best song in my opinion. This one is. :)
4. Yesterday Georgia and I blogged on Wombats and Windmills about our favourite smells. Go check it out.
5. Panther prints on clothing. Thus far I have managed to keep it to only one skirt and a cardigan.


  1. you're right - there is a light that never goes out is their best song. I can't help but dance about like a mad woman swinging my arms all over the place and scaring the children when I hear it.

    I do love the polka dot bunny. You will always be a polka dot bunny to me ;)

  2. Ooh, you've changed your blog again - nice!


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