Thursday, March 25

From song to pattern: Fish & Bird

Today I'm giving you a little peek in what I've been up to lately with my drawings. Recently I started to listen a lot to the cd Alice by Tom Waits. Which isn't based on books by Lewis Carroll by the way. The music was written for a play called Alice, the play is about the rather dubious relationship between Lewis Carroll and a girl named Alice. Anyway on that cd there is a heartbreaking song called Fish and Bird about a bird that falls in love with a whale. You must check out the lyrics here on Tom Wait's website, it's pure poetry.

First I made a little sketch and then made several versions based on the initial drawing. My favourite is the one pictured above, on which I used lots of tiny dots. I'm thinking of maybe releasing a version of this as a print. I've also made an embroidery pattern with the same theme (for me, not intended to release) but I've only just started it so there is not much to show yet.

Not totally unrelated (it has to do with the book Through the Looking glass) and quite amusing is an entry in the Wikipedia I stumbled upon about unbirthdays. Unbirthdays are all the days that are not your birthday. So I'm wishing  most of you a very very happy unbirthday today!


  1. *love!* thanks for sharing a bit of your thought process when it comes to developing your patterns. it looks great.

    Tom Waits is sooo awesome, his voice (along with nick cave's) are so intriguing. I could listen to him everyday. He lives here in Sonoma County, CA (where I live) so I'm super lucky because he often surfaces (and sometimes performs) at local festivals and charity events. My friend, Ed, was just telling me the other day that he went to school with one of Tom's daughters back in the day. So on the days that Tom would be picking her up from school all of the mom's would get gussied up and act all giddy. isn't that hilarious?

  2. great story and you are indeed lucky to catch Tom Waits performing locally! Even though this was something I initially made for myself (and therefore not immediately expect other people to appreciate it) I'm glad to share it with someone who likes the music and lyrics too. :)

  3. Embarassingly I've heard of Tom Waits but I don't think I've heard his music. However, those lyrics were heart wrenchingly beautifully. He must be an amazing lyricis for his music to read like poetry :) I look foward to seeing how your new WIP of the bird and the whale progresses.

  4. What a pretty sketch -- love that it's made up of many little dots.

    Happy unbirthday to you too ;-).


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