Monday, April 19

Not quite there yet...

This afternoon I was sitting in our doorway, watching my oldest daughter teaching my youngest how to rollerskate and doing a bit of stitching too. Progress is slow and I'm in that stage of the project that I'm doubting if it will look the way I had planned,when it's all done. Can you see our front door on the photo above by the way? Well renovating the front door is my husbands project and I'm quite successful in ignoring the terrible state that it's in. :)

I'm also in the beginning stages of an awesome crafty collaboration that I know, if it all works out, will be much appreciated and enjoyed by many of you.

And I'm curious: what project have you just started?


  1. I love your O&P design - thanks for sharing that.

    I'm just about to finish up a pillowcase for my niece. Just a simple design of flowers that I cobbled together with a set of french curves and a landscaper's design template (I can't draw!).

  2. I am almost all set to start your Princess and the Pea... hopefully I will have some thread in fabric by the end of the week!

  3. Your girls are very clever! I was thinking of getting Imogen some rollerskates last Christmas (before she started wishing for a DS), but there isn't any flat ground around here to skate on, so perhaps it wouldn't have been a good idea. :-/

    I can't wait to see some of your secret project. CAN'T WAIT!!!

  4. Oh, and your Bunny Button over there ---> , can I put it on my blog somehow?

  5. Oh yes the secret project! More about that in a month or something :)
    You can rightmouseclick on the bunnybuttonpicture and save it. Then you add gadget (photo) in blogger and add the url (shop) to it. It's easy really. Or you could add my blog url, but it is really a shop button.

  6. Your oldest daughter is welcome to come to the States and help me learn how to rollerskate :).

    I'm working on a cross-stitch project for our local Embroiderers Guild chapter -- it's a set of 4 and I've done just 1 of the 4. Not sure what I'll work on after that.

    Georgia -- The DS can be used in winter and on rainy days and during car trips, a distinct advantage over rollerskates ;-). (Can you tell I love my DS Lite?!!)

  7. Very, very sweet! Your little fox AND your little girls. My daughter would have loved to have an older sister, instead she has to roller skate with me, but she doesn't mind because we got matching skates :)

    Hope you all had a lovely Easter!

  8. The little fox looks so sweet already! Nice job! I used to rollerblade when I was a kid. Got me a broken front tooth!

    No embroidery for me today, however. I'm in the middle of planting the spring veggies, so that takes up most of my time.

    Hope everyone is having a good day!


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