Friday, April 23

Things in my house....

In the living room: Luna (5) has started an interesting collection...of beer bottle caps. For those of you who might get worried, Luna only drinks juice and millk. :) In the other windowsill there is a 'nice' collection of stones, leafs and shells found in the garden and on the sidewalk.

In my craft room: a book with lots of different fonts. I'm using it for a project I'm working on.  Zoe asked me why I had this book because I already knew the Alphabet. :)

On my balcony: well to be honest I especially hung this unfinished quilt top there to make a picture. I was thinking it would make a pretty good table runner too! I'm also quite surprised that the piecing of this doesn't look too bad either.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Children are the best, aren't they. Super logic :)
    The unfinished quilt on the balcony looks great!
    And I understand about the collecting-thing. At the moment my Kayla is doing the collecting of worms from the garden... (ofcourse in lovely soil :)

  2. Love the book of fonts - and that lovely quilt :)

  3. Beer bottle tops! There are a few interesting collections in our house too - usually in the girl's rooms. I try to sneak them into the rubbish when they're not looking. ;-)

    I say keep going with the quilt! When are you going sewing machine shopping?

  4. Yes, well I think I will go and have a look at a new sewingmachine in a month or so! I far too busy with embroidery projects at the moment anyway!


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