Thursday, May 6

Be prepared!

Surely you are all aware that Christmas is only seven and a half months away? ;)  So if you would like to start working on some handmade goods to give away now then you might want to take a look at these stitchable calendar panels from SeptemberHouse. Corinne from SeptemberHouse also has made a PDF booklet full of tips on how you could embellish your calendar. I've bought two calender panels but I have not decided on what to do with them yet.

Another recent Etsy purchase is this photo by Alli (you may know her of  her blog Onepearlbutton):

Alli started selling her photos (and cards) on Etsy  a little while ago and I love the vintage feel that her photos have. This photo actually makes me think of a smell from my youth. A flower-y smell from bushes or trees in summer near a local swimming pool. Funny how an image can evoke a memory of a smell!


  1. I am already working on some Christmas quilts and pillows, and have half my cards addressed!

  2. Goodness and there was I looking forward to hot dogs and burgers in the rain, muddy garden fetes, hanging out the same washing 3 times, June 28th (I hear thats summer this year) and my holiday in France(in September)before I even start to think about Christmas....wrong again it seems!

  3. what a fun to embroider a calendar! Love that photo too, I always find that scents bring back childhood memories, lovely isn't it :) My embroidery is coming along well, thanks for your tips. Catherine x


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