Saturday, July 10

A little birdie told me.... it's Follow the White Bunny Summer Sale!

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It has been so very hot here, I can't imagine it will get any more summer-y than this! Paddling pool for the kids in the garden, barbeques, drinking iced tea and iced coffee, slowly solving giant sudoku puzzles, reading a bit, embroidering a bit and generally being quite unproductive. Anyway, it seemed like the perfect time for a Follow the White Bunny Summer Sale! So head over to the shop and get your favourite pattern now. It's 20% off all individual patterns until the 17th of July! Mention 'Followbunny' in the comments to seller and the discount will be refunded to you via Paypal. :)

In about two weeks time the shop will close for a couple of weeks. While I love all my patterns dearly, some of them, will not return. Or maybe some will but a little different. I'm not sure yet. During these lazy summer weeks I will post a few newbie embroidery tutorials on thiis blog. I wrote these earlier this year on the Crafty Bird blog but I thought they deserved a second round!

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  1. Oh those wonderful long hot summer days how wonderful for you Nicole. All the best for those wonderful lazy days. Bliss.


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