Friday, July 16

Re-vamp of a Cardigan

Bullion Knot

I wasn't planning on doing this today but this afternoon I decided to give this rather Sad and Boring Cardigan a re-vamp. For my Friday contribution to the Feeling Stitchy blog I started to write a post about Bullion Knots. I felt inspired to try the stitch again myself and I thought the Sad and Boring Cardigan would be a good candidate for the job. I know the little Bullion Knot Rose (with a French Knot in the centre and Lazy Daisy stitches around) looks a bit tiny and lonely at the moment but I'm rather pleased with it so far! I'm thinking of adding some Edelweiss to the cardigan as well to go with my Swiss themed Edelweiss Skirt. :)  If you haven't mastered the Bullion Knot yet, go and check out this video tutorial by Mary Corbet.

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