Sunday, July 18

Sunday Stash#33 Summer in the City

Georgia sent me this lovely charm pack of Urban Chik's Summer in the City many moons ago. I was saving it for a special project which somehow has not come along...yet. But while I was browsing through my stash the other day it occurred to me that if I wanted to make a quilt with this charm pack I'd better buy some additional fat quarters. So I checked Etsy and Ebay but there isn't much Summer in the City around anymore! And the fabric that is for sale, sells for crazy prices. So I tried to find some matching fabrics in my stash et voila:

It think they match the colours of Summer in the City quite well, as for the prints ehm... maybe not so much. Maybe I should continue my search for more (affordable) Summer in the City fabric!


  1. Tricky. Maybe some solids to co-ordinate instead? There are some of the Summer in The City polka dots on etsy at not too bad a price, so if you combined those with some solids plus the charm squares you might have enough to do someting.

  2. have you tried taking screenshots of fabrics you want and then uploading them to flick with the title "ISO" and seeing if any of your contacts have any to spare?


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