Monday, July 19

This is not my bed.....

it's Casey's and she has done a fabulous job stitching my Forty Winks Fox Pattern! Look how neat it looks embroidered on a pillowcase with that great quilt and those lovely cushions. It's hard to believe that Casey has only been embroidering for a couple of months! Thank you for sharing this photo with me Casey. :)

 It's still very summer-y here in the Netherlands. Yesterday we had a lovely picnic in the Park  The kids took pictures of the 'Euromast', a local place of interest from which you can see the city and it's surroundings. And I took a picture of the kids

And of my leg. :)

And after wards I made some yummy Hummus from my new Donna Hay cookbook. I added more tahini, olive oil and lemon juice to the recipe though.

So.... in a couple of days time I will be going on a bloggy break. Hope to 'see' you all back in a couple of weeks!


  1. hummus is my favourite thing - I could eat it by the bucket load. Much to my poor husband's dismay - because then (he says) I stink. Pooh to him.

    Casey's bed looks wonderful - I'd love to have a little sleep like Mr Fox in there!

  2. I too love hummus and on a summer day what a nice cool dish to have for a snack.


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