Wednesday, August 18

It's all in the cards...

....Foxes, Castle Peeps, an Alphabet and some cherry blossom for good measure thrown in as well. These are a few of the postcards of a set I had printed over at Moo. I'm very happy with them. If only I had a reason to pop one on the post!


  1. Oooooh! Gorgeous. I could give you someone to post too ;)

    I must email you and get back on track with life. I need to back up through your blog here and find out what's new. Hope all is well.

  2. Just gorgeous! I've been thinking about doing that and now I'm inspired. :) Thanks!

  3. Are we ever going to see patterns for the castle peeps? I've been waiting for them ever since your sneak peek a couple months ago.

  4. Hi, yes I finished the actual designs a while ago but these will be iron-on patterns and I am not actually producing them myself so it takes quite a bit longer than my usual patterns. I have no further information at this moment. Sorry to keep you waiting!


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