Tuesday, August 17

4 (unrelated) things I'd like to share

1.Last week we went on a boat trip visiting parts of the Port of my wonderful hometown of Rotterdam, one of the busiest in Europe. Isn't it odd though that when I saw these containers I immediately thought 'Stacked coins quilt'? Which reminds me that the last quilt I actually finished was a 'Stacked coins quilt' and that was last year! *hangs head in shame*.

2.I keep forgetting to mention this wonderful freebie pattern of a Mermaid by Hillary Lang from Wee Wonderfuls. Her new book 24 dolls to sew and love will definitely go on my Christmas wish list!

Hoop up swap piece for Cathy

3. I'd also like to mention an interesting Embroidery competition hosted by Andrea Zuill (aka Badbird) on Flickr. Read all about it here. The idea is that all entries are based on one of her free patterns. The rabbit above is an example of one of those patterns. I stitched it a little while ago for the Embroidery swap I was/am participating in.

4. Soon I hope to share a new set of patterns I've made. I'm currently stitching.the new patterns but I keep adding stuff all the time which slows everything down considerably. I'm also unpicking a lot and trying lots of stitches and colours. I hope you will all like it as much as I do. It's cute and slightly odd, but in a good way. :) Also the Castle Peeps patterns I have been working on with Lizzy House are coming sometime in the near future. I will be giving a couple of them away too on this blog!


  1. I have had Andrea Zuill's rabbit folk pattern in a file for a year and recognized it right away. Your choice of colors is fabulous! I want to do one exactly like this. Thank you so very much for sharing. Going to get going on it right now!

  2. I'm so glad you posted about the 'process' you are going through on your new patterns.
    I have been struggling all day...on trying to get one of mine right...and I thought I was the only one who has to keep changing things up. Oh to be the kind of designer...that would just get it right the first time. Do you think there are any of those out there??
    Love the bunny block!

  3. I love the rabbit embroidery and can't wait to see the new Castle Peeps patterns! Thanks for sharing the mermaid pattern too! I can't wait to make one for my daughter!

  4. Its so cute, love the little bunny very much with so simple stitches. lovely. I am going to make a list of my avourite sewing and emboridery blos and featured them on my blog, I want yours too, can you please tell me about your GRAB BUTTON. I want to put it on my blog

    Check me there

  5. Gracias por compartir el link.


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