Sunday, August 29


I have been working on this bear pattern for a while now (maybe for too long I don't know) I keep adding things, discarding other stuff. Stitching and re-stitching. Changing shades and colours.Besides this bear I have two other (small) patterns and the three of them make a set. How I came to make this particular bear and why he's holding a fish is a whole different story which I will share with you some other time. ;)

If you'd like you can vote in the poll (top of the sidebar on the left) for which kind of FTWB pattern has your preference. I really would love to know! And if none of the answers provided, is the right answer for you please leave a comment here of mail me at followthewhitebunny at Thanks!

P.s. thanks for all the sweet comments about the Peeps sampler. The peeps are just so much fun to embroider!


  1. He has the most gorgeous face and I love his smart scarf too. Fish looks a little frightened, I think he should be!

  2. If you had the option of "all of the above" I would have chosen that. I like them all - it depends on my mood, or what I'm stitching it for. Sometimes I like a challenge, sometimes I like something quick and easy. :-)

  3. I voted for Cute but I agree with Georgia. And I love your bear!

  4. Thanks for your input! If you like you can choose more than one option in the poll btw. I think I should have added an 'odd' option. I like 'odd' things. ;)
    @joanie I was hoping the fish would look mostly ehm... fishlike but I guess you are right. He does look a bit frightened. No need to be scared though, this is a very friendly bear. :)

  5. My vote is based on "right this minute" because I don't have an "always" favorite . . . right this minute, a set of three would catch my eye more than anything else.


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