Wednesday, September 1

The other one

So...I posted this poll (it's on the left you can still vote) on the blog a couple of days ago. Many thanks to those who voted! Clearly there is interest in a more complex or challenging pattern. First I'm finishing the set of three though. Yep the set of 3 is the least popular choice thus far but that is because you don't know you really are going to want it. Don't worry you will have time to get used to the idea because I'm not exactly speeding towards completion. ;) But here's another little peek. I'm keeping all three patterns in one colour palette with lots of grey and blue shades.

Have any of you had a change to purchase the new book by Alicia Paulson yet?  It's called Embroidery Companion and there's a really generous preview on Amazon.

P.s. see the not so classy pen on the photo? I collect those. They are called floaty pens and have water in them so (for example) little boats can float from one side to the other. I only collect the tourist pens from cities and countries. Not the ones where ladies knickers fall down if you keep the pen upside down. ;)


  1. Personally I like the ones with ladies in knickers. Did I send you a pen once? I think I did. I'm sure I did.

    I think a set of 3 patterns is far up my alley than a complex one - the word complex makes me come out in a rash. ;)

  2. Lol, sorry about the rash ;) No you didn't send me a pen, no one ever sends me pens. If you send me a pen I will send you a rub on/off Tattoo of the fine city of Rotterdam. :D

  3. The new patterns look intriguing! It is fun to follow their development!
    I'm with you on the knickers :)
    I love little and useful teapots, but cannot allow myself to become a "collector"- I just think they are sweet, and buy the odd one! ;)

  4. I love this colour scheme Nicole. I haven't seen those pens in years - love your collection. Now you can be sure I'll look out for them. We'll send one your way if we come across any :)

  5. I collect floaty pens also!! You are first person I have met that collects floaties. I also love embroidery. :)

  6. Love these colors Nicole. The patterns are looking fabulous and I know I won't be able to resist!


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