Sunday, September 5

Something old, something new...

Last Friday I went on a little shopping excursion to Amsterdam to visit my favourite shop and this knitted peacock blue Polar Bear Dress is one of my purchases. I absolutely heart my new dress and I don't think 39 is too old to wear dresses with Polar Bears on, right? ;)

Moving on to another purchase which was quite an Ebay bargain for only 2.70 GBP!
This book was originally released in the 1930's but this version is from the 50's. Mary Thomas's dictionary is a classic and it's actually still available in a new revised version. My version is not new but I don't mind. :)
It has all these charming  animated illustrations that you will not find in modern day embroidery books! This one is for the brick stitch. One of my favourite filling stitches that I used a lot in the Castle Peeps Sampler piece. This book covers all the basic stitches and many other 'new' (to me) stitches to be inspired by. As this was a popular book for decades you should be able to pick it up somewhere for a good price!


  1. I would love to get the oldest version of that dictionary. Ohh where to find this. You got the 50s versions such a low cost I can't believe it. Nicole when there is color in mind who think about age.
    swift writing so it's my pleasure to read your blog.

  2. oh swoon for that polar bear dress! i would wear that in a heartbeat, but then again i sometimes pick up t-shirts in the kids department so i'm not the best one to consult for fashion advice!

  3. What great illustrations in the embroidery book! (They'd be great to stitch up, too.)


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