Friday, October 15

Slightly scary vintage pattern & challenge #2

It's almost Halloween so I thought it was time I showed you the most scary pattern from my vintage pattern collection.(Click on the photo to make it larger) It's probably not meant to be scary but I find the little guy with the stick rather creepy and that Panda Bear definitely has some Zombie like qualities! According to the envelope this pattern could be ironed on fabric for an 'embroidery effect'  so you don't even have to take out your needle and thread! I guess they could be used as iron transfers for embroidery as well though. The pattern was already cut by a previous owner and I could see by the fading of the print that the rather amusing dogs and their cart had been used but Mr. Creepy and Zombie Panda looked like they were unused. Imagine Mr. Creepy on your kids pillowcase! *shudders* 

I really enjoyed practicing the Bullion Knot in  last weeks Embroidery Stitch Challenge and I'm ready to take on the next challenge. One of you put forward the Rope Stitch and I'm going to give it a try in the next few days. I know nothing about this stitch but I did find a video tutorial on Needle 'n Thread, just in case you wanted to find out what kind of stitch it is. You are very welcome to post your Rope and other Stitches in the Embroidery Stitch Gallery!

P.S. the Fall sale in the Follow the White Bunny shop will only continue for 1 more day so be quick!

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  1. Ooo they are very sinister images. You are right about the zombie panda - shudder :)
    Twiggy x


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