Sunday, October 17

Yule Yeti

Have you seen the latest special Holiday Edition of Fat Quarterly?  It's full of pretty sewing and quilting projects to make wonderful stuff for the holidays. And there are a couple of embroidery projects in there too, like this little Yule Yeti I made!

Luna loves her Ye-tee and the festive pillowcase I made. :) You can purchase this (and other) issues of Fat Quarterly here.


  1. So sweet! I love it. I can't believe it's already time to start working on holiday crafts!

  2. Cute!!

    You added the border to the pillowcase yourself, right? I really like how that looks.

  3. Thank you! Can you believe I was already making this in August? Hard to get in the Christmas mood in August I can tell you. :)
    @Glenda I sewed the pillowcase myself. I think the border looks neater as part of the pillowcase in stead of added on top of the pillowcase. There's no 'how to' on how to sew the pillowcase in the FQ though but it's easy enough to figure out for most readers of the FQ I guess!

  4. Love it Nicole, your Yeti is super-cute! So glad to be "following" you in the magazine too ;)


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