Wednesday, November 24

Free Scrappy Owl Ornament Pattern!

I made a free Scrappy Owl Pattern today for you all to enjoy.  If you want to put a link on your blog please do so but link to this blog post not directly to the download link. Thank you! You can download the Scrappy Owl Pattern here.

I hope your owls will turn out slightly better than mine. I was just playing with some felt and trying stuff when suddenly this owl was 'born'! It's an easy & quick project so there's no excuse not have a Scrappy Owl in your tree this year. Would make a cute tag or bookmark too by the way.... Or how about a Snowy Scrappy Owl for Harry Potter fans? Of course I'd love to see your Scrappy Owls! Please post them in the Follow the White Bunny Flickr Group or on my Facebook Fanpage!


  1. Cute as .... know what I'm making this weekend...will link to my blog when I've made it & can post a pic ok...

  2. thank you nicole tell me about stroopwaffle jar...I thought beautiful. now understand and interesting from Dutch. You are lucky souvenir gift. Wow your blue jar with lovely owl pattern. cheers patricia

  3. Thank you all for your sweet comments!
    @Patricia hope you will enjoy the owl pattern. As I do not have a Christmas Tree yet I hung my owl on a Chinese pot or jar this time. It goes well with my Stroop waffle jar. :)

  4. Hi Nicole, I ask you if you're ok that I have copy your picture of stroopwaffle jar that I will do for embroidery blue. when finish and will show you photo next year. yeah christmas time coming soon. will be very busy time. your place will be cold. Here will be hot weather. oh yes beautiful chinese pot. I love it.. cheers patricia


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