Friday, December 17

Snowy Trees & a skating heron

There was a lot of snow here today. And even though it's now melting more is coming tonight. This morning, while the kids had their last day of school before the Winter Break, me and my husband went out by foot and with a small sleigh to get our Christmas Tree. It was quite surreal. The not so good looking parts of the city suddenly looked not so bad at all. And the better looking streets and the park looked very pretty and fairytale like.

And last week when I was visiting the Zoo near our house we saw not a skating hedgehog but a skating heron. It was very amusing to watch.

Have you voted in the poll yet? It's in the sidebar on the left. Hope you all have a great weekend! I'm going to make a Mini Peep Boot tomorrow. :)


  1. These pictures are sooooo gorgeous, Nicole. Y'all have fun decorating your tree =).

  2. Taking a sleigh to get a Christmas Tree sounds completely fairytale-ish to me! The snow is sooo pretty. I should take a photo of our mud...not so pretty. ;-)
    I wish you really had seen a skating hedgehog!

  3. Simply magically beautiful Nicole! Where do y'all live?

    I like the new look here too.

  4. Thanks all!
    @Becky I live in Rotterdam, the second largest city of the Netherlands (Europe). :)

  5. I heart herons. They might really be my favorite ever.

  6. @Annie I have a soft spot for herons too. I even have made a small embroidery pattern of a heron. :)


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