Thursday, January 20

Black with cream please

Black and Ecru 6 stranded Embroidery Floss, in the background a tiny chess game
The colour combination Black and 'not quite white', either cream or ecru, is so much better I think than simply 'Black and White'.
The Guardian
photo by What Delilah Did

I love how this black 'Guardian' by What Delilah Did,  looks on the creamy coloured linen.  I bought the pattern in her shop the other day and also this butterfly. Can't wait to stitch them!

I'm not sure if this vintage Scandinavian decorative plate I picked up at the Salvation Army shop a couple of years ago has coloured with age  but I like it like it is now. Black and cream is just one of my favourite colour combinations. Do you have a soft spot for certain colours or colour combinations too?


  1. I agree - black and cream is much better than black and white. It somehow seems a little more sophisticated.
    Red and white is one of my all time favourites.

  2. Stunning! I have always worn lots of black and white as I "wash out" in creamy colors. I like the crispness of white with most any color.


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