Sunday, January 16

Tiny stitches

For the past week I've been working on this embroidery for a swap on Flickr. I assume my swap partner does not visit my blog so I thought I could share a WIP picture here. I'm a bit nervous about it all as my swap partner is an amazingly talented embroiderer. The theme of the swap is music. I love music but I had a hard time trying to connect to my partner's taste in music. Eventually I was drawn to an album title (Ophelia) and started the project there. I made some sketches before hand but I'm largely making it up as I go along. Ophelia is a character from Hamlet. She drowns in a brook. There are many lovely art works with this theme and I'm especially inspired by this pastel drawing by Odilon Redon, this painting by Millais and the lovely 'stamp' embroideries by Penny Nickels. (see picture below)

Iphigenia in Aulis Commemorative Stamp

And at the same time I'm trying to do 'my own thing'. The good thing about a swap like this, is that it forces me to step outside my Embroidery Comfort Zone and create something different from the stuff I usually do.


  1. How much fun to be apart of swap! Can't wait to see your finished project and what you get from your partner!

  2. This looks awesome so far!! You are going to do a beautiful job. I love the way you went from an album title to a classic story image. And you can't go wrong with using Redon as an inspiration. I really can't wait to see it! (I'm in this swap, too, and I'm nervous. I'm cocoaeyes on flickr.) Keep us posted!


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