Wednesday, January 12

Stash, scraps and wips

As Luna and I had this afternoon to ourselves (Zoe is at an Ice Skating Party in the pouring rain, poor thing) I thought I'd try and spend an hour or so working on one of the neglected unfinished quilts. I gave Luna a glue stick and some fabric scraps and she was happily creating this nautical themed artwork. Note the embroidery hoop with two hearts under water on the left. :)

Meanwhile I tried to do a bit of work on last years Fat Quarterly Sew Along Quilt. Still not sure what size I will make that quilt. Since I have joined the StashPact11 on Flickr (a group all about using your stash instead of adding to it) I'm determined to only use what I already have to finish this quilt. It's not that I will not be buying any fabric at all this year, I'm just trying to use more from my stash and only buy if I need it to finish a project or have a specific project in mind. And I may have to think of a project soon to justify buying this gorgeous Tammis Keefe fabric (by Michael Miller)!


  1. LOL, you posted the kitty one, and I really want some of the Tammis dogs.

    But I'm with you on using up the stash, I'm surprised at how much fabric I have, to me it's a lot, but I know other flickr sewers out there that have TONS of fabric, probably enough to open up their own shop ;)

    I'm trying to be more focused with my fabric purchases this year and think am I actually going to use this or is it just cute?

    I definitely want to buy yardage of Sherbet Pips when it comes out, and I have my eyes on a couple of other fabric lines, but other than that, I think I might pick back up with garment sewing as I haven't done that in awhile and it's so fun after spending hours and hours and hours at the machine to have something new to wear!


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