Sunday, January 9

Tales from the forest

I just finished this new design called 'Tales of the Forest'. It's still a tiny bit wrinkly from the wash and dry and (too) quick ironing I did but I couldn't wait to share it with you all. I think it would be great just as wall art or as a center piece on a pillow or something. Still busy writing up all the details and making a few adjustments on the drawing of the pattern. Are you wondering too what tale the squirrel is telling here?

Many thanks to all who commented on my feature in the Cross Stitcher, I'm still very excited about it! :)


  1. From Bear's expression I'm not sure that he believes what ever it is that his friend Little Squirrel is telling. But the look of patience is so sweet. True friends listen that way no matter what you are telling them.

  2. for me Bear is very interested in what Little Squirrel has to say. I bet it's some sort of gossip, because Little Squirrel see all!

  3. He looks to be a very good storyteller. :-)
    Love the pattern - as always!

  4. Your work is Oh So CUTE!
    Have a lovely day, happy creating xx


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