Wednesday, January 26


Basically I have got 4 types of hoops. The one I forgot to include in the picture is one of my regular (round) plastic hoops. I find there is a lot of difference in quality of these plastic hoops. I received my favourite one in a swap from Georgia but can not recall what brand it is! 

The hoop in the front of the picture is a so called Flexi Hoop (Anchor manufactures these). The inner ring is plastic and the outer ring is flexible. I bought a bunch of these on Ebay when I just started out in embroidery and I'm still quite fond of using Flexi Hoops. Especially the one in the picture. I also have smaller oval Flexi Hoops but they tend to pull the fabric a tiny bit too tight and this can distort the fabric. My large Flexi Hoop on the other hand doesn't keep the fabric taut enough but could be fine for framing. Except that I'm not crazy about the rubber woodgrain look. ;) And apparently there are also square Flexi Hoops available but I haven't tried those yet.

Everyone knows the Classic Wooden Hoop, posing here behind the Flexi Hoop. Ideal to have on hand when all other hoops are 'taken' and for framing too. I have heard that these would not be good to use for embroidery as they could leave marks on your fabric. Hasn't happened to me yet but I'm not too fussy about these things anyway.

Yesterday the latest addition to my Hoop Collection arrived: a Q-snap! It's a square frame (you can see it in the foreground of the picture) and mine is rather huge (11 by 11 inch) because I ordered the wrong size by accident!  Will let you know how me and the Q-snap get on when I have a chance to try it out. Do let me know if you have any tips for using this particular hoop though. And I'm also curious what kind of hoop you all are using!

Right now I'm still working on the Phat Quarter Swap piece (the one in the Flexi Hoop) but I'm already thinking about next projects of course. My partner in the Phat Quarter Swap (who is actually not the person I'm stitching my piece for) was Jessica and she sent me these adorable two embroideries!

Phat Quarter Swap Piece(s) received!

You can read all about it if you click on the photo.


  1. want me to send you my flexihoop?! I have one that I don't use :)

    I love the qsnap and it takes a little getting used too because its big but I like how it holds the fabric when stitching and it seems gentler on when you have to move the fabric to work on a section :)

  2. The hoop that I sent you was a 'Birch' one, which I think is an Australian brand, but the Hoop-La ones like this - look pretty much the same.

  3. oh yes 'Birch' I forgot that name. I have quite a few very bright 'hoopla' hoops here (as I intended to make kits but never got round to it) but they are not quite as pleasant as the 'Birch' one!

  4. I didn't fall asleep. :P I was intrigued by how many times you actually say hoop or hoops...I think I counted 16 but I kept getting interrupted during my count and I can't walk and chew gum at the same time so its possible that number isn't accurate. :) I don't have a preference in hoops other than color and I like the pink ones. :)

  5. @ Michele mmmm most people nod off after the 11th mention of the word 'hoop' you are such a tough cookie! ;)

  6. Nicole,
    Love that name.
    I love to remember the songs that make me smile, as I have gotten older, I only remember them when I hear them. Thank You Dear

  7. I love all of the hoops, but I REALLY love the fairy design and woodgrain fabric.

  8. I like my q-snap and have several sizes. I like the square work area. Some seem to loosen over time and I've had to add wool strips to get the right tautness


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