Monday, January 3

Year of the Bunny

First of all: best wishes for 2011 to every one who visits my blog! I only learned the other day that in 2011 on the third of February, the Chinese year of the Bunny starts. A great opportunity to have a small celebration with you all so I'm going to think about what special things I could do for this occasion. One of them will certainly be a giveaway as my talented and generous friend Saffron has already donated a fat quarter bundle of her fabrics. Awesome!

So... 2011 initially started as slow as 2010 ended.  So much so that I totally forgot to put the January Package Deal in the shop. I have now though and I think it's a little bit awesome. :) Anyway today things went back to normal. The girls went back to school again and I  had to wake up from two weeks of 'hibernating'.  First thing I did this morning  was choosing some paint for our hall way. My husband will do a (hopefully) magnificent and much needed make over of the hall way this week. I was looking in the Home Decor Store for various shades of grey for the wall and door posts. The shades had interesting names, much to my amusement, like 'seal', 'tempest' and 'later'. I'm sure you know exactly which colours I'm talking about now. LOL. I would love to name paint colours for a living!


  1. Happy New Year to you too Nicole. Hope it is a good one!!

  2. Ohhh, I see I'm not the only one who's had a wee blog makeover..! Looking good! :-)

    Godt nytår, Nicole!

  3. I thought the very same thing when I was choosing paint colours for this house. We have 'Confetti Shower' on our walls and 'China Doll' somewhere or other (architraves perhaps?), and our green front door is 'Plantain', which is some kind of wild banana I think?

  4. When I visited Santa Fe, NM a couple of years ago I went on a walking tour of the city. Our guide pointed out that within the city you could paint your building any color you liked - as long as it was sand-color. Of course, there were 15 different names for it - desert, tan, buff, beige, cream, ivory, putty, khaki, mist, dune...

  5. Thanks for the Happy NY's and sharing your paint colour stories!
    Apparently naming paint colours is an international thing :)


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