Thursday, December 30

End of year things...

I have been doing a lot of cocooning (is that still a word?) in the last couple of days. Exploring my new Apple gadget Santa (aka my husband Erik) gave me with a very special inscription.  We have also been playing quite a lot of board games with the girls. I could write a whole post about board games I love, maybe I will do that next year.... I've also been doing a little bit of embroidery and I'm almost almost finished with hand sewing the binding on the quilt I was planning as a gift.

I'm very content with the dark binding but I'm not so sure about the straight line quilting here. I really should try to learn how to do nice squiggly and loopy free motion quilting. The straight lines are beginning to bore me a bit!

If you feel like starting (or ending) the year with a new project you might want to check out my End of Year Sale in my Etsy shop.  If you use the coupon code BunnyEYOS2010 at check out you get a 20% discount! If you are wondering what EYOS stands for: it's End Year Of Sale instead of End of Year Sale. I entered the wrong coupon code by sure to enter the wrong code though because that's the right one! Sale ends in 24 hours!

Wishing you all a safe New Year and hope to see you all back in 2011!


  1. The quilting on your quilt looks great Nicole but I agree that straight lines do become boring!

    I'm going to do the QAYG project on flickr that Heather is hosting to try and practice my free motion quilting!

    Happy New Year to you guys too xx

  2. is the "apple gadget" and ipad? cool that you got the inscription!!!

  3. I think the straight line quilting looks great - it really suits the quilt.
    You should give free-motion quilting another try though. You will find it much easier with your new machine.
    Happy New Year!

  4. Yes I will definitely give free motion quilting another try. :)
    @ Kerri Yes it is an Ipad! I asked Santa for books and notecards if I remember correctly and got an Ipad. :)

  5. Your quilt looks beautiful and I like the straight line stitching! Happy New Year to you!


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