Friday, February 25

My kitchen window & a bit about an awesome book

This is (a little bit) of one of the windows in my kitchen. Now that cup looks familiar doesn't it? Anyway, my husband recently painted all the windowsills and the door frame that leads to the garden in the awesome grey shade you see in the photo. Now I need to think about how to 'dress' the windows. I don't like the idea of long curtains and I'm not a big fan of blinds. So last week I stumbled upon this picture in Alicia Paulson's Embroidery Companion.

The Scandinavian looking bird design and the gingham curtains would look great in my kitchen! At least that's what I think but I'm not sure my husband feels the same way about these curtains. This reminds me that I also have a book full of Scandinavian Cross Stitch Designs which I bought on Ebay a little while ago. More about that another time!
Embroidery Companion is a great book. The subtitle is 'Classic Designs for Modern Living' and that's exactly what it is. The book is thoughtfully made with information about the basics of embroidery  (for those just starting out) and many, many lovely projects and lots of pretty inspiring photos. I would say most of the projects featured are best suited to those with some experience in embroidery. And some require, relatively easy, sewing skills too (skirt, curtains etc) Besides 'regular' embroidery and cross stitch, there are also some crewel designs in the book. What I especially like about the book is that Alicia's love for embroidery speaks so clear from the text but also from the photos and the projects themselves. If you are attracted to Alicia Paulson's fresh and timeless style you will certainly be not disappointed in this book.
Wishing you all a wonderful crafty week(end)!


  1. I have that book, I'm normally terrible at buying (too many) craft books and never making anything from them, but I've made two things from Paulson's book already and they won't be the last!

  2. I can't believe it ! I was just reading my copy of this wonderful book not a half an hour ago! Every time I look through it I see something I'd missed before. Those very curtains caught my eye. I just love the combination of the gingham and the cross-stitch work. I too would totally recommend this lovely book I got mine from her on her blog site which is also lovely!!! Happy stitching!

  3. I had the chance to talk with Alicia the other morning and she was so, so incredibly nice. I normally advocate heavy library usage, but I am now officially taking the position that everyone should buy copies of her books instead :)


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