Sunday, March 6

Out and about: about peaks and strange German Creatures

Little Train Station on our way to the top of Germany's highest mountain.
The whole Bunny family went away for a couple of days to the snowy Alps. Husband and kids went out skiing most of the time with the little bunnies in ski classes. They even did some bits of black runs and made so much progress! I mainly played the role of supporter. I did manage to do some embroidery too. A cute vintage DOW pattern which I will show later this week.

How much is that German Antlered Winged Giant Squirrel Thing in the window? I have no idea but I do know he never leaves home without his little jug of Schnapps strapped to his body. ;)

And this is me, in a not very flattering ski jacket with bulky sweater underneath. The view on the top of Germany's highest Mountain, the Zugspitse,  is amazing though and the weather was beautiful as you can see.
It was nice to be away but it's good to be back too. The only mountains I have to face today are those of the dirty laundry but hopefully in between the washing-drying-folding activities I can squeeze in a little sewing time too!


  1. OMG, that squirrel thingymajig is just too funny for words!

    Love seeing all that snow. Beautiful. x

  2. That's a Wolpertinger! ;-)

  3. Thank you (Vielen Dank) Andrea! I suddenly feel the urge to make a Wolpertinger Embroidery pattern!

  4. Sheesh Nicole! You look about 20 years old in that photo!!!

  5. haha, surely not?!? Within a month I will be two times twenty!

  6. The antlered bunny/squirrel thing is too awesome. Love it!


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