Sunday, March 13

Sunday Stash #38 A Fabric I had to buy

There haven't been many Sunday Stash posts lately! Mainly because I joined the Stash Pact 2011 group on Flickr which has made me much more conscious of my fabric buys. But sometimes you need fabric, to finish something you are working on for example. So I needed to buy some fabric and because I already was paying for the shipping I could not resist to add the Tammis Keefe Cat Fabric(by Michael Miller) to the lot. I also bought some solids and the pink dot fabric, which I thought would coordinate nicely with the Cat Fabric. I think the Red and the Pink fabric are a pretty good choice but I'm not sure about the Charcoal. The other fabrics were already in my stash and I think especially the Newspaper print would be awesome to use with the Tammis Keefe fabric.


  1. Lovely choice. I love the designs and the colour combinations,
    Susan x

  2. Lovely combo - I think the charcoal is fantastic - you'll find it so useful - it pulls everything together in so many different combinations :)

  3. Charcoal goes with everything. I think you have done a fine job. :)

  4. Love the pink and the charcoal together! (In fact, I'm wearing a charcoal T-shirt with a large, hot pink heart on it at this very moment!) Your fabric choices are just lovely.


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