Tuesday, March 15

Vintage find: Le livre que j'aime

This illustration is from a French Reading Book from the fifties that I bought recently. It's called Le livre que j'aime and it's just about the level of French I can handle reading so I might even learn a thing or two from the book. For some reason everything sounds better in French doesn't it? I was especially charmed by the fact that French Wolfs apparently say 'Hou!Hou!' and French Ducks say 'Coin,coin,coin'.

And how about this illustration! I bet this snowman is trรจs froid. Wouldn't this image make the cutest embroidery pattern? Au revoir for now, I hope you enjoyed taking a peek in Le livre que j'aime.


  1. What a delightful find! And yes - that would look adorable in stitches!

  2. My boyfriend has been learning how to speak French but I can't understand a word of it...well, maybe A word, just not many. And, yes, everything does sound better in French. ;)


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