Saturday, April 30

Minty green sewing machine

I must admit I was very tempted to buy this vintage Minty Green Husqvarna Sewing Machine. Isn't it beautiful? I bet it weighs a ton though and where am I going to put another sewing machine? But still... so lovely shiny and elegant and green!

Today is Koninginnedag (Queensday) in the Netherlands, a national holiday. Traditionally people try to sell each other junk from their attics on that day. The sewing machine was one of the nicer items I saw. In the end the only thing that came home with us were four books (only 1 euro for the set!) for Luna to read.   She is just starting to read and of course we want to encourage her as much as possible!


  1. Florence Hosler30 April 2011 at 15:30

    You could have used it as a door stop ;-)

  2. Very nice sewing machine .. I hope it found a new home where it will be appreciated and loved (since you weren't able to provide that). Great job showing restraint!

  3. You should have gotten that singer genie at the back!!!! i have one and it works a treat.... love the genie..


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