Tuesday, April 26

Sun, Swans & squares

We have been enjoying some wonderful sunny days here during the Easter weekend. Today we visited a small local amusement park and of course the kids wanted to do some water biking in these huge white Swans. Does water biking even exist in other countries? Sounds like a very Dutch thing to me...

I have also been busy cutting even more squares for my Scrap Vomit Quilt. There is even a Scrap Vomit Appreciation Society on Flickr  administrated by yours truly, Katy (she started it all) and Thomas.  Thomas is making a large non-repeat Scrap Vomit Quilt. This means that he needs well over 2000 different 2.5" squares to make his quilt. So if you think you can contribute to that by sending him some squares, hop over to his blog for the details!

I have also been embroidering and I hope my next post will feature my new pattern! Woohoo! So it's time for me to stop chattering and start stitching everyone :)


  1. ooooh, a new pattern! can't wait!

  2. Water biking?? I need pics of that. Guess I will google it.

    I started putting my first pattern on my blog today. I had no idea you lived in The Netherlands. My first mystery stitch along is very small but is very Danish inspired!

    Well for us this side of the world. We probably know nothing about real life over there. Such as water biking!

  3. oh yes, we do water biking in the UK, and Spain. We call them pedalos.


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