Thursday, May 12

Old Hen

The photo is unrelated to what I actually wanted to write in this post but like many other bloggers I don't like to write posts without a photo so there you go.. I stitched this Hen when I did some embroideries for Lizzy House last year (to go with her Castle Peeps line of fabric) but the Hen didn't make it into the patterns! Lizzy now has a fabulous follow up line by the way, it's called 1001 Peeps.

So...what I wanted to let you know that due to personal circumstances my Etsy shop will be closed for the next couple of days but....The NEW Follow the White Bunny Shop is open for business as usual! There is a pretty awesome package deal in there now of three bestselling patterns with well over 20 pages of patterns, photos and stitch & colour guides.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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