Sunday, May 8

Small embroidery, long story & a very large quilt

This is a small embroidery I'm working on. I think it will be a perfect 'boys' pattern! With each pattern I make, even small ones like these, there at least a few sources of inspiration. What makes a pattern unique in my opinion is how you translate your inspiration into something that is truly your own.

The boat in this pattern is from a sketch I made of a vintage illustration of a Chinese boat, I think it even was a Pirate ship! I love embroideries with text or lettering in them so I decided to include a little sentence I made up in this embroidery as well. One of my friends is expecting a baby in July so when I inquired after colours and themes for a baby quilt the colour orange and the Polar bear came up. The mauve bit on the boat, which I admit is an odd touch, was inspired by the colours of a dress I was wearing last week. And I thought the little patch of fabric on the sail was just a nice thing to add. So...there you go: small embroidery, long story...

And before I move on to my progress report of the Scrap Vomit Quilt I want to share the two pieces of art I received this morning from Zoe and Luna. Even though the Unicorn does look a bit like he is about to do a very large pee I thought it was a lovely drawing.

And I'm impressed by the use of colour in this painting!

The Scrap Vomit Quilt is coming a long nicely. I so enjoy working on it and I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of new squares from my quilt-y online friends! It will be 7 by 7 blocks and on the photo (it's the big one, the other is half a lap quilt) you can see the full width laid out on the floor.


Hope you all have a pleasant day today and if you have the time, do hop over to Carina's Craft blog. She has some wonderful giveaways (including one for a voucher for my shoppe) on her blog right now.


  1. Oh your thoughts on the unicorn made me laugh so hard!!!
    Happy Mother's Day!
    Can't wait to see the pattern. :-)

  2. You Scrap Vomit is so awesome! I have to do black and blue solids now. I was undecided but seeing yous i just have to!

  3. Ha ha ... love the unicorn!


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