Thursday, October 20

Monkey business

I thought I'd draw the little monkey I stitched for Katy before I send the embroidery off to her, just in case I want to make a pattern from it.  ;)

In the mean time my youngest 'monkey' has been busy with some embroidery as well.

It is Fall Break over here (hence the not blogging for a week) and Luna wanted to start an embroidery. I often choose the smaller patterns from Sublime Stitching for the kids to stitch as they are not too hard and don't take forever to finish. This cute Maneki Neko is from the Sublime Stitching Craft Pad. Instead of the traditional white with black/reds accents Luna has chosen floss colours to match our own (Tabby) cat Tijger. :)

After teaching Luna the back stitch last year, I now taught her the split stitch. Luna embroiders with a 'real' needle, which may not be a great idea for all six year olds but she is doing brilliantly so far! Are your kids interested in learning how to embroider too?


  1. I have 5 granddaughters that are all learning to embroider and the youngest is 4...they make pillows and bags after they has been a blast and they use real needles. Love your monkey are you doing a pattern from it?

  2. Go, Luna! I stitched up that same pattern when I was first learning to embroider, too. Great selection. Somehow, I think your daughter would be perfectly able to hand a "real" needle, no matter how young. :-)

  3. So it appears it wasn't a too crazy idea to give a six year old a 'real' needle..;)
    @Carlie yes I'm thinking of making a pattern but I'm also thinking about changing the background slightly and give people a choice of words to put on the banner because I'm pretty sure the current slogan is not to everyone's taste ;) All in all it could take a while...

  4. my 3 year old granddaughter uses a real needle also...she takes one or 2 stitches, pulls tight and shows me the 'bell' she has made...i have no idea where that idea came from, but i go with it.

    i tried to start my oldest gd with a big plastic needle...which turned out only easy to thread, not use, so out it went with the dishwater! real needles for us girls.


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