Thursday, June 30

on Plagiarism and what makes the world turn...

While I was sorting my crafty area (well not really, I was just looking at all the stuff I have) I came across a set of vintage game and flash cards I bought on Etsy a year (or maybe two?) ago. From the collection of Flash cards (meant to teach the meaning of 'difficult' words) I chose Plagiarism. And some cards that went with that theme. Oh and Scooby Doo, just to lighten the serious mood a bit. ;)

Plagiarism is pretending that stuff someone else has made or has written (or elements of it) is your own work and it's not an ok thing to do (and it's not the ultimate form of flattery either). Since I have been in the online crafty and blog scene (a couple of years now) I encountered too many examples of plagiarism: (embroidery) patterns, tutorials, art, style.

This issue bothers me especially because I've noticed that I don't feel like I can share everything about my creative process on my blog anymore. Frankly I'm a bit scared someone will run off with the idea before I have even finished it! But maybe I'm giving myself too much credit in the 'steal worthy department' and designs can also be copied after you have released a pattern.  So I'm going to be brave and show you my latest not-yet-released design. I'm in doubt whether to release it as a single pattern or as part of a set. If I do release it as a single pattern (most likely) it will be available sometime in the next two weeks or something.

I bet you didn't know the world was turned by an acrobatic Circus Bear? He still has to work on his juggling skills though. ;)

Sunday, June 26

Alphabet Glue Winners!

One of the fun projects from this summer's issue of Alphabet Glue

The Random Number Generator has spoken and chose Jenn, Paloma and Rescued Goods as winners of the Alphabet Glue giveaway. Congratulations! Jenn, could you please send me an email followthewhitebunny [at] e-tropolis [dot] nl so I can send you your copy. I think I have found email addresses of the other two winners. Enjoy your prize everyone and thank you Annie for making this giveaway possible.

Wednesday, June 22

Alphabet Glue Giveaway & Interview !

My friend Annie Riechmann (can you call someone you have never actually met a friend? I think sometimes  you can!) has just released the second volume of her wonderful e-zine Alphabet Glue 'for kids and their grown ups'. Alphabet Glue is packed with fun book, story and reading and writing related activities.

This Summer edition features many perfect projects and reading suggestions to keep yourself and your kids busy during the Summer Holidays. Volume two also highlights the genre of Kid Detectives. Besides a Super Sleuth Reading List the magazine shows how to make your own Detective Kit! How much fun is that?

 I'm giving away three Alphabet Glue e-zines (see end of this post) but first let's get to know the woman behind Alphabet Glue a bit better!

Tell us a little bit about yourself...

I am a semi-professional multi-tasker living in Vermont.  We moved here about two years ago from the San Francisco area for my husband to go to medical school.  I have a seven year old daughter, a wonderfully fluffy but dangerously insane cat and am a special education and literacy teacher.  I sew a little, write a lot, vacuum obsessively and read non-fiction almost exclusively.  Also, I can bake a pretty good cupcake.

350: 57

What inspired you to make a e-zine about, or rather ‘around’, the theme of children’s books ?

Around the time that my daughter was born, I was teaching at a school in California where I met a couple of really amazing third grade teachers who had excellent taste in books.  I felt like I was constantly being introduced (and re-introduced) to kids' books that were so full of wonderful characters, illustrations and stories that I couldn't wait to share them with my daughter.  Since that time, books have become a big part of life around our house as well as a consistent theme on my blog.  I feel like there are so many great books out there for kids, but it sometimes takes a little guidance and time to be able to find them among all the less than stellar stuff that gets published.  I wanted to help with that process while also sharing my own enthusiasm for the magic of shared reading experiences for families.

How was the response to the first volume of Alphabet Glue?

It was really, really wonderful.  I couldn't believe the outpouring of support for the magazine and the idea behind it.  I got some very sweet emails from people telling me how much they loved it, and that was so nice to hear.  I've also been really happy to see how many families that had gotten the first issue have downloaded the second one right away.  It makes me feel like I'm doing something worthwhile and that people can really incorporate into their family routines.

What is your happiest reading  or book memory from your youth?

I think that I read a Nancy Drew book a day for much of my second grade year. I remember being completely absorbed and just having the best time reading them. I also remember going on a long car trip when I was about seven, and my dad bought me a hardback copy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that I read along the way.  I still have that book and my husband recently read it to our daughter.  She loved it too.

Do you have aspirations to write your own children’s book?

You know, not really!  I'm pretty satisfied doing a lot of writing about other people's books.

*** Thank you Annie, it was fun getting to know you a little bit better! ***

Annie generously offers three copies of Alphabet Glue Volume 2 to readers of this blog! Leave a comment for a chance to win and let me know what your favourite children's book detective is! I'd love to know! Personally I'm rather smitten with the books about the Mysterious Benedict Society. Fun, modern detective books for older kids and adults too. At least I enjoy reading them!  I will close the comments Sunday at noon (Amsterdam time). If you want to purchase Alphabet Glue right away you can do so here. Comments are closed winners will be announced later today!

One last important thing to share at the end of a lengthy post: I have a sale going on in my new shop (not the Etsy shop) If you use the code SUMMERBUNNYSALE on check out you will receive 20% off all patterns! So leave a comment and head over there quickly. The sale ends this Saturday!

Friday, June 17

Nite Bugs & a book delivery

I just had to have this book by Edward Gorey after I made the embroidery based on the cover illustration of the Doubtful Guest. It's just a small book but very much worth checking out if you haven't read or seen it yet. The story and the illustrations are very touching. I assume it's a kids book but I'm sure some adults (like me) can relate to this odd creature as well. And if not then you can just admire the drawings. I'm going to do another embroidery from this book for myself. :) I may use my very special Cosmo Floss for that! I ordered it at Hip Fabric. It feels amazingly soft and I can't wait to try it out!

As I'm not really all that mobile yet I have done some stitching and stuff while lying on the couch for the second Beetle Bug Design. Here's a little sneak peek:

The Nite-nite Bugs are embroidered on a pillowcase (how appropriate!). Still one of my favourite things to embroider on! 

Tuesday, June 14

Half a Happy Baby Quilt

So the lucky (?) recipient of this Baby Quilt in Progress is not born yet but I thought I'd start early to allow myself some time to do a good job with this one. Obviously (see last post) there is no progress at the moment so this is what progress I made last week.

I started without a real plan, I only bought 4 fat quarters of Laurie Wishbrun's Urban Circus (and ended up only using 3 of them) and a bright orange Kona Solid. In the end I decided on doing a stacked coins quilt and pulled fabrics from my stash that went well with the Urban Circus colours.

I was glad to be able to use the Ikea Hippo fabric in this quilt. I once made curtains for Luna with that fabric and still have A LOT of it left! I will probably use some hippos for the backing as well. ;) Then there are some fabrics to soften to brightness, like the grey and white dot and the blue 'quilters linen' (love that fabric). I added some cute Saffron Craig Beetle Bugs in the mix as well. No idea where that Star fabric came from! And because I was missing some darker/medium blue tones I had to throw in some of my precious Denyse Schmidt Katie Jump Rope as well.  The orange solid as sashing was a bit too bright so luckily I had some white Kona solid hiding in my stash too. I'm pretty chuffed with the result so far! :)

Sunday, June 12

Recovering under badly made quilts

I'm still here, but taking it really easy while I recover from some surgery. With books, puzzles, music and my Nintendo to keep me company. And my laptop of course. And the Bunny family who are taking good care of me. I even got out some embroidery work today ....

I'm residing on the couch under two badly made quilts. The one in the picture above isn't too bad, I 'only' messed up at the quilting bit there. The other one (not pictured for obvious reasons) really needs to be replaced soon, it's uhm...not the best quilt I made. It's simply....fugly.

Speaking of quilts, due to much excitement on Twitter and Flickr about the Quilt Along based on the  Farmer's wife Quilt Sampler book  I decided to order this book. I don't think I will be actually quilting along with the peeps on Flickr (111 blocks are a bit much right now) but maybe someday I can make a non-fugly quilt for the couch with some of the blocks from that book.

Thursday, June 9

Shop announcement

Just a short post to let you know that my Etsy shop will be closed for the next day or two but don't be sad (and if you do feel sad: feel free to take a paper hankie from this cute French box) because you can still buy my patterns at !
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Tuesday, June 7

The Doubtful Guest

Piece for Lauren for Phat Quarter Swap
I had so much fun stitching this piece for Lauren for this (last) months Phat Quarter Swap. The theme was books and Lauren had listed Ed Gorey in her 'like' list. I hadn't heard of him so I did some googling to find out more about him. I haven't had the chance to read any of his books yet but he sure is an amazing illustrator! I based my embroidery on one of his illustrations from the book 'The Doubtful Guest'. Working with a limited colour palette was definitely very inspiring. The original is black and white and I added a little (blue) splash of colour. The fabric ('Heath' by Alexander Henry) was perfect to stitch on as well. I ordered it in several colourways so you probably will be seeing more of my embroideries stitched on this fabric.

The cross hatch has a retro feel to it which suited this Embroidery particularly well, I think. The fringe on his scarf is 'real'. I used the Turkey Stitch to create it. :)  By the way, Lauren is an amazing stitcher, check out her wonderful Duvet Cover Project here.

Earlier tonight I came across this rather disturbing news posted by Jenny Hart on her blog. Apparently two of her pieces were stolen after an exhibition in Canada. Unbelievable! Well they are pretty awesome but surely no one has the right to steal them. Check out the details on her blog, obviously Jenny wants them back!

Sunday, June 5

Some progress on the Tiny Circus Rabbit

After finishing my Phat Quarter swap embroidery piece (which I will share with you once my partner has received it) I thought I'd do a little more work on the Tiny Circus Rabbit. Tiny because the whole embroidery fits in a 3 inch hoop. I'm quite pleased with how the sky and clouds turned out. I'm using lots of colours from my box with odd Anchor floss colours.  They are perfect for this embroidery. I tried to scan the embroidery because somehow photos don't do the embroidery justice. And neither do scanned images of it actually. In real life it looks far more subtle and smooth!

I'm also working on the second Beetle Bug design and Saffron and I are hoping to have the Beetle Bug patterns available for you in a couple of weeks time. Read Saffron's account of our cooperation here! Saffron also has an awesome new fabric line called Imaginary Flowers.

Friday, June 3

Best envelope ever!

This morning I received a print I ordered from Helen Dardik's shop. I have such a soft spot for her art. And how adorable is this envelope? I love it when artists take the time to make your order extra special! Find her shop here (temporarily closed so be sure to check back later) and her blog here. Happy weekend everyone!

Wednesday, June 1

The good, the bad and the flag waving animals

Eventually this quilt will be 7 by 7  blocks and I have finished 20 blocks so far, so that's almost half the quilt! Yay! I actually stood on a ladder to make this photo. I haven't got a design wall, so I use the floor in my bedroom as a horizontal design wall  ;) 

This is just a small example of the squares I received in the last couple of weeks. I did a couple of swaps for this quilt and it is so much fun! (I will write a bit about my fellow scrap vomiteers and scrap swappers at a later point) There were lots and lots of lovely fabrics (the good) and some (the minority, I'm glad to say) were a bit scary. Like these international flag waving animals in the middle which I received from Claire. For the UK peeps, find her fabric and haberdashery store here no flag waving animals here just good stuff! Strangely enough even the most awkward fabrics (brown with gold accents, 80's retro coffee themed,  flag waving animals) can blend in. So if you are also planning to make a scrap vomit quilt, try to get as many different fabrics as you can: the good, the bad and the flag waving animals.