Thursday, March 15

From the Stash

No not from the Floss Stash this's from the (also ever growing) fabric Stash. See that ueber gorgeous Heron Fabric (from Cloud 9 fabrics)? I received that from Brie in the Secret Santa Swap. I love Herons! Anyway I pulled some fabrics from my stash that, in my opinion, coordinate wonderfully with the Heron Fabric. There are some Denyse Schmidt fabrics there (have you seen the re-print of  Flea Market Fancy fabrics yet? Eeep!), some lovely dandelion fabric (for an instant summery feel, forgot the designer could be Patty Young) and a lovely turquoise gingham I received from Sarah Jane ( I think it's from her Children at Play line of fabrics, it reminds me of a summer pick nick).  I think I'm going to make a (quilted) pillow (or cushion depending on where you live) for the couch with these. :)

P.s. I am still working on the Bullion Knot tutorial. Hope to post it tomorrow!


  1. That Heron print is gorgeous! You're right, between, the Dandelion is Patty Young for Michael Miller. Got some in my stash, too, in Lime and Mustard. :)

    1. aaah... the PY fabric was in a bundle (have a soft spot for Fabricworm bundles) so I tend to forget the names of the fabric designers after the fabrics are assimilated into my stash!


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