Sunday, March 11

More Bullion Knot musings...

I thought it would be fun to incorporate some Bullion Knots in the pattern I'm working on. I know some people find Bullion Knots kind of scary, almost as scary as the French Knot.  And to be honest my Bullion Knots look pretty hopeless when I'm halfway making one, but when finished they look o.k. (at least I think so) So I'm planning to post a 'how to' on Bullion Knots soon, including a shocking photo of the hopeless phase. :)


  1. I am a new stitcher and have never heard of this knot, definitely looking forward to the tutorial!!

  2. I have attempted a bouillon rose before but mine never stopped looking "hopeless" :) I look forward to your tutorial!

  3. For someone that has done this years ago. I never heard of this stitch before will have to try it

  4. Oh my goodness, I'm pretty sure those are the most precious little roses *ever*!

    Also, I totally get that hopeless phase of a stitch / technique and I love that you are willing to show it off and let newer stitchers in on the secret (that it happens to everyone :) ). Looking forward to seeing the tutorial - I'm not sure I've ever even tried a bullion knot, now that I think about it!


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