Sunday, March 25

Granny Squares

Surely it's not a coincidence that my Flea Market Fancy Charm pack (and some fat quarters) arrived in the same week that I noticed this tutorial for a Granny Square Quilt block (again via the inspiring blog of the lovely Katy). This is exactly my kind of quilt block: not to too difficult (actually quite easy) to assemble and it looks great.  I'm using a combination of modern and retro fabrics and crisp white borders which give these blocks a fresh and nostalgic feel at the same time. At least I think so.

I also like scrappy quilts a lot and this is an excellent block to use up scraps or smaller cuts of fabric. Besides the Flea Market Fancy charm pack I have used what little Katie Jump Rope I had left in my scrap baskets (I only have quite a lot of the Blue bow left now) and also some (of the nicer) squares I had from my Scrap Vomit Quilt adventure (on the last block now!). I think my favourite block of the granny squares I made so far, is the red and white one.

If you haven't entered for my Princess and the Pea Giveaway yet, you better hurry as it ends tonight.  I loved reading through the comments so far!  And (unrelated) for all cat paw lovers a close up of Tijger's lovely white paws. :)


  1. White feet and pink pads.......sooooooooo sweet!!!!!

    1. I know! I wonder how she's able to keep them look so clean ;)

  2. So sweet, little kitty paws.
    Love your Granny Squares too.

  3. Perfect, soft little paw pads! And the white furs in between? Lovely!


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