Monday, March 26

Princess and the Pea Pattern winners!!!

Wow, what a great response to my Princess and the Pea Pattern Giveaway! Sixty entries (not counting 'doubles' and my own replies etc) in only a few days...I love reading your comments about your favourite fairytales, thank you all so much for commenting! Personally I like the tale of Snow-White and Rose-Red a lot. I even made a little drawing based on the fairy tale a couple of years ago (see picture above, I used the name Polkadotbunny then) which eventually led to my Hibernating Bear pattern

So I did the thing (and messed up with making a screenshot of the winning numbers so you have to trust me on this) and it randomly generated the following numbers: 24 (Amy), 25 (Deb_in_Oz) and 40 (Jodi). Congratulations! Please send me an email at followthewhitebunny [at] and let me know whether you would like to receive the Princess pattern or another pattern.


  1. I have your little watercolour of that picture in a frame in this room. :-)

    1. yes! I made two, sold one and sent the other to you in a swap :)

  2. Поздравляю! Спасибо за шанс!

  3. YAY!!! Thank you SO MUCH Nicole!! :D I'm super excited!! I think I might have to pull colors for it as soon as I catch up on Amanda's Dessert of the Month. SO CLOSE! :D

  4. I am so absolutely stunned and thrilled - I am going to make it my mission to create this wonderful piece this year! I only just got back into (still beginner) embroidery and am making time to enjoy it again. Thank you so much.

  5. How great!! I'm so excited. I love all your patterns and can't wait to show my embroidery group your pattern that I won. I Love your Princess and The Pea. Thank you so much! I'm sending you an email shortly.


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