Wednesday, May 9

Another furry update & inspiring stuff

I know some of you are enjoying seeing this embroidery develop step by step so here's another furry update! I must give these posts a better title than 'furry update' so if anyone has a good suggestion let me know. :) 

This is a practice piece for me. I'm trying out shading (and maybe later on some other techniques as well) and as I'm not stitching from a pattern or anything I add stuff as I go along. As you can see I use my water disappearing marker to draw directly onto the fabric. In the past few days I've added some flowers and started stitching some petals. I'm not looking to stitch as 'realistic' as possible and the flowers are more styled after flowers you would find printed on fabric for example than 'real' flowers. Not quite sure if I'm going to keep the petals though. 

Besides the flowers I started filling some of the background. The bunny itself isn't even finished but I'm experimenting and not working very methodically on this. Once I get an idea I feel the need to try it out immediately. I think the teal (three different shades so far) works well.  

Just the other day I stumbled upon the work of a Dutch artist called Chris Berens (not embroidery, I think he works with painted pieces of plastic or something) and found it very inspiring. A bit gloomy, surrealistic and in essence very Dutch as well. Check out his work here. I hope to bring some of that oddness/ other worldliness into my bunny portrait too. 


  1. Oh yes - I like the teal colours in the background a lot.
    Have you come across Pilot Frixion pens yet? They're an erasable pen - just an ordinary writing pen that you buy at the newsagent or supermarket or wherever. If you use them for fabric marking they dissapear with the touch of an iron - like magic! I was having trouble with my water erasable pen dissapearing before I had finished stitching, but I have found the Frision one to be great so far.

  2. The shading is looking gorgeous!

  3. It's going to be a very special piece. I love how it's coming along. Great work Nicole!!

  4. The rabbit is looking wonderful ~ most inspiring and making me want to try my hand at it!


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