Thursday, May 10

Scrap vomit Square winners & return of the Jackalope

Just a random pic of 2.5 inch squares: these will most probably not be in the stacks I'm going to send!
There were more than three entries for my tiny giveaway (which was kind of a surprise to me!) so I had to perform some magic to pick the winners. 

The winners of the tiny charm packs which definitely will include ugly fabrics too are: Kris(ten), Amanda (yes those were commenters number 1 and 2!) and tubilinha carminha. Please send me an email with your full name and home address on followthewhitebunny [at] e-tropolis [dot] nl 

The winner of the Grand Small Prize, more 2.5 inch squares kindly donated by Katy, is Amanda! Congratulations to all!

For all of you who have been following my furry updates and want to do some furry stitching at a discount: I have 'un-retired' my Jackalope pattern for a short time. For the next three days it will be available here. As it's one of my earlier patterns the line drawing of the patterns is not as sophisticated as it is in my newer patterns (hence the lower price) but it's still a super cute pattern, perfect for having a go at embroidering furs! Please note that this pattern does not include and extensive stitch and colour guide. And if you are looking for tips on fur stitching I recommend my Forty Winks Fox pattern. :)  


  1. I am so bummed that I missed out on the Jackalope pattern! When I was little I believed they were real :-)


    1. No worries I can put it up again for you. I actually only took it off my site a couple of days ago. I forgot I had put it up there temporarily, it was such a familiar 'face' among those other patterns. :)


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