Wednesday, May 22

Tim Burton Stitch Along: Jack the Pumpkin king

Tim Burton SAL

I finally started stitching my piece for the second Illustration Stitch Along which started back in April. Luckily it lasts until July so I have some time to finish this small stitchery. Jack Skellington is the main character in 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' one of my favourite Tim Burton films. Jack is actually quite endearing as he tries to take over Christmas but gets it all wrong. My kids love the film as well and both wanted to claim my Jack Skellington embroidery for their rooms. I think I will just keep him for myself though. ;)

If you want to join in the Stitch Along, or want to see what others have made (in the past and more recently) with the same theme, head over here.


  1. This is an excellent piece of stitchery! I can see why you want to keep instead of letting the kids at him :)

  2. It looks great so far! I bet Sally would make a great subject for stitching too, since she's a ragdoll!

  3. How did I miss this? Oh well July is still a while away, though I haven't completely finished my Edward Gorey yet so I'd best not get carried away!

  4. He's looking great! Off to check out others now.

  5. This looks super! I'd love a breakdown of the stitches once you're finished - I've just started a Dr Seuss image and would welcome tips for doing cartoonish lines! Chrissie x

    1. I just sent you an email Chrissie! For everyone else: details on the stitches used etc will be on the blog as soon as Jack is all finished. :)


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