Tuesday, May 28

Tiny Sailor Fox in Progress

Tiny Sailor Fox

I wanted to stitch something small again. Small doesn't mean quick though, I already spent many hours stitching this tiny Sailor Fox and I'm not finished yet! I'm planning some kind of flowery 'frame' around him as well. Anyway I'm thinking of making more small portraits like these for the shop, which would be a new thing for me as I usually don't sell my embroideries!

Satin Stitch variations

For the &Stitches blog I did some stitching too. These Satin Stitch variations were fun to explore! Read more here.


  1. LOVE the Sailor Fox! So sweet!

  2. Sailor Fox is wonderful ~ looking forward to seeing what else you do with him!

  3. oh, so lovely!!! :)
    Are you thinking about a pattern (to sell) for it?

    1. Mmmm... he is tiny though. Maybe a series of tiny portraits? Or possibly in the Furry Creatures Embroidery e-book I'm still plotting :)

  4. Your sailor fox is absolutely adorable. If he ever ends up in your shop he'll be snapped up in minutes, I'm sure...probably by me!

  5. He's very cute, love his sweater!


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