Friday, May 31

A lovely mess...

a lovely mess

Not much news today so I thought I'd share my lovely mess with you instead. Finished embroideries, far from finished embroideries, stitch explorations, a Jackalope (with floss-fluff) that needs to be send to the UK and a Tiny Sailor Fox with some Tiny New Flowery additions that is nearly finished. It will be hard to let go of my Tiny Sailor Fox but I think I must, so many stitcheries around the house now... :)

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!


  1. All your projects are so lovely!

  2. I love your embroideries and wouldn't mind having that kind of mess in my house :-) I have packing mess in mine and will for at least another three months...

  3. It is indeed a lovely mess, and I love how different the projects are from each other. So talented! Chrissie x


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