Monday, June 3

Tiny Sailor Fox for sale

tiny sailor fox finished

I just put my Tiny Sailor Fox embroidery in my Etsy shop which is both happy and sad news. Happy because it is the first hand embroidered item I made that I'm putting up for sale and a little sad too because I spent so many hours making this piece and I'm kind of attached to him now.

tiny sailor fox on my wall

Tiny Sailor Fox will be missed but I hope he will find a good new home soon!


  1. Oh, he turned out so sweet!

  2. Aside from him being a dashing little fox, knowing you put that much time and energy into him, makes it easy to understand why it would be difficult to part with him. He's a fantastic fox! I love everything about him and your stitches that brought him to life!

    1. I actually have a hard time parting with any of my embroideries! ;)


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