Wednesday, June 5

Birds in the Garden Quilt


Recently I received an amazing package from Sami which contained a very generous cut of very lovely Bird fabric (it's the fabric in the middle on the photo). Coincidentally I had bought some 'stash builder' fat quarter bundles a little while ago here that work brilliantly with the Bird fabric! It goes without saying that I didn't need yet another project but I couldn't resist and am now in the process of cutting 6" squares from these lovely fabrics. I intend to make a 'summer' version of my 'winter forest' quilt.  It will be just simply squares sewn together but the colours and prints will really 'make' this quilt I think. I have already named this my  'Birds in the Garden' quilt as it reminds me of freshly mown grass, reading in the garden (love texty fabrics, who doesn't!?!) and well I don't have to explain the Bird part I guess... :)


  1. I adore your fabrics and think simple squares would be perfect!!

  2. Cute!! I love that bird print and also the one directly under it that looks like some kind of fruit (?).

    1. I think the fruit is some kind of stylized flower ;)

  3. I've got a bit of that bird fabric ~ it's so lovely and your quilt sounds like it will be lovely too!


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