Tuesday, October 8

Meet the Most Excellent Party Bear

I'm hoping to have this Most Excellent Party Bear PDF embroidery pattern in the shop later this week but I thought I'd let you all have a peek already. This Bear is a perfect guest to any party as he always brings his very special balloons. More often than not he is called the Always late to the Party Bear behind his back though because arriving on time is not his strongest point. There's always balloons that need to be filled, a pantry with honey-pots to organize, apple pie to be baked etc etc.  Most Excellent Party Bear will be available for a special introduction price in the first week after the pattern is released.


  1. Super adorable! Hats off to the design! I love to stitch, but absolutely can't come up with cute things like this on my own.

  2. How adorable is this party bear guy! His balloons look especially fun to stitch. Love your original patterns - Thanks so much for inspiring us!!


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