Saturday, October 26

Unusual techniques

Last week I picked up my Bear & Fish embroidery again and started stitching a bit of the Bear's sweater. I'd rather stitch colorful flowers, stormy skies or furry paws but the bear needs a shirt too. First I was planning on doing my usual long and short stitch and shading, horizontally following the shape of the bear's arm and body. But then I though I'd add a few vertical stitches on top of the horizontal stitches. I think they give the shadowy areas, from a distance, a lovely blurry almost oil paint effect…

… and a textured look when seen up close.  Not a technique you will find in an Embroidery Handbook but it works for me!


  1. I love the vertical white stitches against the grey - it blends really well

  2. It looks almost like canvas, or rough shirt's perfect! I love it! ♥ This piece has been one of my favorite to see grow over time c:

  3. Wow! Wonderful texture. I have to try that. I love the way he is like a painting in stitch. Totally you.


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