Sunday, November 3

Furry Nice

I so enjoy making the tiny animal portraits that I just had to start another one! A Hedgehog this time and I have only made the first few of many stitches. At the moment other projects are keeping me busy during the day and by the time I sit down to do some embroidery for myself, it's already dark outside and I really do prefer stitching these small portraits by daylight. I have a daylight lamp but it's not enough. Maybe I should invest in some kind of magnifying device as well…

One of the things I'm working on, although not quite as much right now as I'd like to, is an online Embroidery class. I'm very excited about it and I hope many of you are interested in enrolling in my class. I will let you know more details in the next few months through this blog and my newsletter but the work title is Furry Nice so you may have some clue what it's about!


  1. Another enchanting little furry character! I'm looking forward to seeing his progress, and to find out more about your class! Cx

  2. I love your animals!!! You are the best at shading :D

  3. You're causing me to fall in love with hedgehogs :) and just go ahead and sign me up for your class!


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