Sunday, January 12

More Tiny Hedgehog progress: Apple and Fluorescent Scarf


Normally I wouldn't post two times in a row about the same project but I made quite some progress with my Tiny Hedgehog this week and wanted to share it here on the blog.  As you may have noticed the Tiny Hedgehog now holds an Apple in his tiny paws (or paw as I still need to add the other paw) and I also added a rather fashionable scarf!

I'm fairly happy with how the Apple turned out, especially considering the tiny size of it. Actually the Apple is a bit tiny even for this Tiny Hedghehog! Luckily my Instagram friends came up with a solution for this oddity: either it's a Crabapple or the Tiny Hedgehog is actually a Giant Hedgehog holding a normal sized apple. :)

I think the scarf (it's an infinity scarf can you tell?) is a real eye catcher with the fluorescent accents. I was unsure when I added the yellow neon colour but now I'm happy I went for a less obvious choice of colour.


I have had these two Fluorescents Flosses (try saying that quickly 10 times in a row!) for a few years now and they are stored in my Floss Cabinet in a Ziploc bag with other less regular threads like DMC Jewel and Pearlescent effect floss. These fluorescent flosses are a bit easier to use than other metallic like threads (check Carina's Glitter Floss compare post!)  but, as you can see in the photo, they tend to split instantly. However.... I was able to do a pretty passable Satin Stitch with it so it was worth the extra 'trouble'.  :)  DMC Light Effect Fluorescent Floss is most commonly sold in packages with four other Fluorescent Colours. 

If you like my Furry Creatures in Stitches you might be interested in the online Embroidery class I"m launching later this year. Send me an e-mail (big red button on the right) if you want to be added to the special Furry Nice Mailing List. :) 

p.s. as you may remember I'm stitching my Hedgehog project for the &Stitches Finish-Along. There's still plenty of time to join in! 


  1. That little apple is amazing, I love the colour gradations, like paint strokes! Cx

  2. So beautiful! The apple looks incredible and that fluorescent is a brilliant choice!

  3. The apple is so gorgeous and it looks so good I just want to bit into it. You are doing an amazing job with this. xoxo

  4. The cutest hegdie! I love the little apple and scarf---nice additions!

  5. I have some fluorescent thread that I haven't been able to use because I always get too frustrated by it. But it adds such an amazing pop to the hedgehog! I might have to give it another try!


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